Envy 5052 First Time Printer Setup

Envy 5052 Printer Unboxing

Unpack the box to experience the thrill of your hp envy 5052 printer.Basically, remove all the printer components from the box.Validate the printer components with the printer list.

Make sure the components are free from damage.Discard all the tapes and stickers from the printer.Place the printer on a smooth surface. Keep the printer components aside for later use.

Next, connect the Envy 5052 printer to the power outlet.This can be easily done with the help of power cables.Later, turn on the Envy 5052 printer and set your preferences.

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Installing Envy 5052 Ink Cartridges

Black and tri-color ink cartridge comes with the printer box.Firstly, check whether the ink cartridges are in good condition.Next, remove the hp envy 5052 ink cartridge from its package.

Discard the tapes from the ink cartridges before installing it.Generally, hold only the plastic portion of ink cartridges.Revert and insert the ink cartridges into the cartridge slot.

Ensure to lock the hp envy 5052 printer ink cartridge into the particular slot.Finally, close the cartridge door of the Envy 5052 printer.hp envy 5052 instant ink feature will allow quick replacement once it is over.

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Loading Paper to Envy 5052 Printer

However, loading paper into the envy 5052 is the simplest task.Prior to loading the papers, you need to check whether the paper tray is clean enough.Pull out the paper tray, and inspect it.

If tapes and stickers are partially found, then remove and clean its surface.Now, select the type of paper you want to feed in.Arrange the paper bundle and place it on the tray.

Make sure there are no damage papers in the bundle.At last, close the paper tray.Above all the step by step instruction is available on the hp envy 5052 manual.

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Envy 5052 Driver Installation

Envy 5052 Driver download & installation for windows

To begin with, installation turn on your HP Envy 5052 printer device.Driver installation can be easily carried out with CD which comes with the printer.

  • Firstly, check the Installation CD for any damage or scratches.
  • If the CD is perfect enough, then place it on the disk drive.
  • Once the CD is perfectly initialized, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • If the CD doesn’t support the latest feature, use the HP easy start app to download the driver.
  • This will guide you till the installation process.
  • You can also download the driver from the official site.
  • Go to the driver download page of the HP Envy 5052 printer.
  • Select the compatible hp envy 5052 driver version and start to download that.
  • Next, double click on the driver file to open it.
  • Run the entire setup file of the driver with the help of instruction on screen.

You will get a notification once the installation is complete.

Envy 5052 Driver Download & Installation for Mac

Before you start, get the basic requirement. For a wireless connection, get a wireless router or get a USB cable for wired connection.Keep the Mac computer in an active state. There are different methods to download the driver.

  • You can use the installation CD, web browser or the available HP app for driver installation.
  • Let’s go with driver installation through the web browser.
  • Open the web browser and navigate to the HP site.Enter the printer model and tap on enter.
  • The driver page will get displayed on the screen.
  • Now select the best and latest software for your printer.
  • Download the full software version on your Mac computer.
  • Start the installation with manual instructions. During installation, the hp envy 5052 software will ask you to select the connection type.
  • Choose the wireless connection and carry out the network configuration.

Enter the wireless network details and complete the installation process.

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Envy 5052 Wireless Setup

Envy 5052 Wireless Printer Setup

hp envy 5052 wireless setup can be easily achieved through various methods. Here we go with the illustration for Wireless Printer Setup. Firstly, unpack the hp envy 5052 all in one printer. Insert the power cords and allow the printer to go through the initial steps. Next, install the printer software on your device. Finally, choose one of the connection methods which is clearly discussed below.

Envy 5052 Wi-Fi Protected Setup

There are two modes to connect the devices over the wireless network. They are Pushbutton and Pin mode. Pushbutton is the easiest and simplest way to carry out. Follow the below steps to quickly connect the wireless printer and router:

Start the Push button on the hp envy 5052 wireless all in one printer. In less than 2 minutes, press the WPS button on the router.

Envy 5052 Auto Wireless Connect

The auto wireless connection allows the user to connect the printer to the wireless network.

Proceed with the below instructions for easy setup:

Install the compatible software for your hp envy 5052 printer.

Select the Network connection type, when prompted by the software.

Finally, select send my wireless settings to the Envy 5052 wireless printer.

Envy 5052 Wireless Setup Wizard

Wireless hp envy 5052 setup is very simple with proper guidance:

Turn on your HP envy 5052 printer.Install the software package on your computer.

Choose the setup option. Next select the Network option, successfully followed by Wireless wizard.

Now correctly enter the network name and password. Finally, click on the done option.

Envy 5052 services

hp envy printer 5052 comes with various in-built features. The basic attributes include print, copy and scan services.

Envy 5052 Printer Troubleshooting

Envy 5052 Paper Jam Error

Paper Jam error occurs in multiple arrears of the printer. Most frequently this takes place in the paper tray area and ink cartridge access area.

For Jam in paper tray area:

  • Firstly, check the input paper tray for jammed papers by opening the tray.
  • If exist, pull out from the accessible area. Use a flashlight to check for any paper or objects inside the input tray area.
  • Then close the input paper tray.

For Jam in ink cartridge access area:

  • Gently grasp both handles of the printer to raise the hp envy 5052 ink cartridge access door.Continue with steps after the carriage becomes silent.
  • Then, disconnect the power cord from the rear port of the printer.
  • Use a torch to check the rollers for small pieces of paper. This might get stuck inside the paper path.
  • Immediately remove any paper or objects that are easily found.Reconnect the power cables and turn on the printer.

Envy 5052 Print jobs stuck in queue

The Envy 5052 printer will fail to print if the print job is stuck in the print queue. Canceling or deleting the stuck print job has no effort. Follow the below suggestions to get rid of print job stuck in the queue:

  • The best way is to use the HP Print and Scan Doctor. This will diagnose and fix the issue automatically.
  • Next, is to reset the printing system and environment.
  • Turn off the HP printer and remove the power cables.
  • Open the services option on the windows.
  • Click on the Print Spooler in the Service Window.
  • Then choose the stop option. Now close the service window.
  • Delete all the files in the Print folder and shut down the computer.
  • At last, connect the power cables and turn on the hp printer envy 5052.
  • If still the issue exists, reinstall the printer driver.

Finally, try to print with the Envy 5052 printer.


Envy 5052
ePrint Setup


Envy 5052
Air Print Setup


Envy 5052
Cloud Print Setup


Envy 5052
Mopria setup

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