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Officejet 5255 First Time Printer Setup

Officejet 5255 Printer Unboxing

Unbox the printer to enjoy the latest feature of the HP Officejet 5255 printer.Choose a perfect place to locate the hp Officejet 5255.This location should be easily accessible.Now grab out the printer and other parts from the box.Discard all the stickers from the printer outer surface.

Check the cartridge area and paper tray for any packaging materials.Gently remove the thin sticker from the control panel.Then connect the Officejet 5255 printer with a power socket.After some time, turn on the Officejet 5255 printer.Next, select the printer preferences such as language, region, etc.

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Installing Officejet 5255 Ink Cartridges

The quality of Print output depends on the ink Cartridges.HP also offers ink for hp Officejet 5255 Pull out the new ink cartridge from its pack.Remove the sealing tapes from the cartridges.Lift the access door of cartridge for cartridge insertion.

Use the color code indication available on the slot for correct installation.Now insert the new ink cartridges into the particular slots.Lock its position and close the access door of the cartridge.Avail the hp Officejet 5255 instant ink feature during cartridge replacement.This an additional feature to make easy cartridge replacement.

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Loading Paper to Officejet 5255 Printer

Officejet 5255 Printer supports media types like light-weight paper, photo paper, etc.Before you load papers, examine the paper tray.The paper tray must be free from packaging stickers.Clean the inner surface of the paper tray.Now take the bundle of papers and place it on the tray.

Arrange them properly to avoid error or jam while printing.Ensure that there is no folded paper in the bundle.

 Note: The hp Officejet 5255 printer supports different media types. But you cannot load different size papers. You need to remove and replace it if necessary.

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Officejet 5255 Driver Installation

Officejet 5255 Driver download & installation for windows

First, let’s see the supporting Windows OS version. The Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit, and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32 and  64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit), and Windows XP (32-bit).

 How to Download Officejet 5255 Driver for Windows?

  • Visit the official page to get the perfect hp Officejet 5255 driver.
  • Click on the download button for downloading it on the Windows computer.
  • Save the file in a known location. So, you can use the downloaded file in future.

Installing Officejet 5255 Driver on Windows:

  • Double click on the completely downloaded driver file to extract it.
  • Tap yes, when the User Account Control dialogue box appears.
  • Proceed with the installation steps until you complete the installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, restart your Windows computer.
  • Check if the printer icon is available on the computer.

If not found add the printer by clicking on the Plus sign.

Officejet 5255 Driver Download & Installation for Mac

The supporting Mac OS version are Mac OS 10.14.x, Mac OS 10.13.x, Mac OS X 10.12.x, Mac OS X 10.11.x, Mac OS X 10.10.x, Mac OS X 10.9.x.

 Steps to download Officejet 5255 Driver for MAC:

  • Choose a reliable source to download the driver.
  • Make sure you have an active internet for downloading the driver.
  • Open the browser and visit the HP site. Enter the printer model name and click OK.
  • Find and tap the download option for downloading it. Save the file format in .dmg extension.

 Easy Officejet 5255 Driver installation:

  • Download the driver file on your Mac computer. The driver file will be automatically seen on the download folder.
  • Double click on the downloaded file to explore it.
  • Ensure to run the file completely.
  • Also, refer the hp Officejet 5255 manual instruction for easy installation.

Once the installation is complete, the Printer will be ready to print.

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Officejet 5255 Wireless Setup

Officejet 5255 Wireless Printer Setup

To establish the wireless printer setup, unbox the printer device.Plug the power cord between the computer and the printer.Install the ink cartridges and load sufficient paper.

Select the wireless option, when it prompts to choose the connectivity.If you get the notification for installing the latest hp Officejet 5255 software. Reinstall the software.Finally, configure the wireless setup.

Officejet 5255 Wi-Fi Protected Setup

There are two different modes of WPS for connecting the printer devices. The following condition should be properly met, to make use of WPS.

Make sure the Officejet 5255 printer and the wireless router has WPS button.Network security must be in the form of WPA or WPA2 security. Start the WPS Push button mode on the Officejet 5255 printer and then on the wireless router.

Officejet 5255 Auto Wireless Connect

HP Auto wireless connect is an advanced technology. This will automatically connect with the wireless network. Examine the current version of the Operating system.Adjust and connect the Officejet 5255 printer and wireless router to the same network.

Ensure the compatibility of the wireless network. Lastly, the printer will be automatically connected with the wireless network.Now you can print through HP Auto wireless connect.

Officejet 5255 Wireless Setup Wizard

Wireless Setup Wizard is an option to establish wireless connectivity.For this setup, you need to gather the wireless network name and password.Select the wireless option from the printer’s control panel.

Find the name of your wireless network in the available list.If not found insert it manually. Enter the wireless password to complete the hp Officejet 5255 wireless setup wizard.

Officejet 5255 services

The hp Officejet 5255 all in one printer is available with various functions. Activate the setup to enjoy the services.

Officejet 5255 Printer Troubleshooting

Officejet 5255 Paper Jam Error

Fix the common paper jam error with the Officejet 5252 troubleshooting steps. Sometimes, your printer may give the false paper jam error. In such situation, you need to restart the device.

  • First, turn off the printer. Wait till the printer shuts down completely.
  • Remove all the power cables at the rear port of the Printer device.
  • Now lift the paper cover, and remove the loose papers.
  • Next, you have to examine the ink cartridge area.
  • Follow the manual guide to pull out the ink cartridges.
  • Look at the cartridge surface for any paper jam. If exist discard it gently.
  • Clean the print head and carry out hp Officejet 5255 ink cartridge replacement.
  • Reconnect the power cables and turn on the Officejet 5255 printer.

Officejet 5255 Print jobs stuck in queue

The quickest way to get rid is to use Command Prompt to stop and start the Print Spooler. You can also get rid of this issue using the service window on your computer.

Below are steps for solving the issue with Command Prompt:

  • First, click on the Start button. Then type the Command Prompt on the search tab.
  • Right-click on the Command prompt, and select the Run as administrator option.
  • Type as Stop spooler and click on Enter option.
  • Launch the file explorer and select the files to delete.
  • Now, type start spooler and tap on the enter button.

Finally, the hp Officejet printer 5255 will start to print the task.


Officejet 5255
ePrint Setup


Officejet 5255
Air Print Setup


Officejet 5255
Cloud Print Setup


Officejet 5255
Mopria setup

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