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Explore astonishing feature of the printer by embedding the suitable driver. The drivers assist you to use the latest printing technology. The printer installation completes once driver installation is over. The in-built instructions can help the users to make use of the tending solutions.Basically, we can categorize driver installation into different modules. The printer installation for windows and the printer installation for mac.

In either case, we need a wireless internet connection. However, you can use a wired connection.HP software and driver downloads are offering users with new drivers.To get additional printing software, you can avail HP support assistant. It is suitable only for windows 7.Mac device users can use Apple Software Update for needed software.The other for downloading the driver is Easy Start Setup Software. The Easy Start Software is available for a few advanced models only.Finally, choose any one of the methods for unleashing the exciting features.

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Printer Setup

The ultimate guidance for printer setup is available for you. In brief, we can work all the modules and aspects of the printer. On the whole, we work on printer usb setup, initial setup, and more.

Driver Install

As soon as you complete the setup, you should perform driver installation. For that reason, we are here to help with driver install. Moreover, we can find the right driver for you.

Wireless Setup

It is important to realize that the wireless setup is essential. The wireless setup offers a connection between the devices. In particular, we can assist with the printer wireless setup.

Driver Installation

The basic driver installation leads the printer to a comfortable printer option. In short, the printer driver is the fuel for all kinds of function. The original manufacturer’s site will have organized series of drivers. Start the printing task instantly once the driver downloads completed. Enriching the print quality is the main role of printer drivers.

Driver Installation for windows

The printer driver download for windows follows different methods. The frequently used methods are CD/DVD driver installation and direct link method.

  • For direct link method, go to the manufacturer’s site. The website compresses much software for the printer.
  • The drivers are available for free of cost. One thing you need to do is entering the direct link on the browser.
  • Then, navigate to the OS selection section. Let the in-built mechanism select the connected Windows’s OS.
  • On the website, locate the appropriate driver. Once you figured out, press the Download button in no time.
  • Then, the downloaded file is always saved on the footer. Open the folder and install it.
  • Now, follow the instructions carefully for a successful installation.
  • While the installation page is going on, you will get a prompt. The prompt asks you to select the connection type.
  • Pick the connection type accordingly. Finally, select any document and test print. The successful printing indicates the process is over.

Driver Installation for Mac

You can say that your printer is ready to print only after the driver download. Follow the steps below for proper driver installation for mac

  • The printer diver prepares the hardware components of the device. It bridges the connection among the devices.
  • Initiate the software installation using a direct method or CD/DVD. The choice remains in your hand.
  • Firstly, we can see the direct method for printer software installation. From Google Chrome, go to the original site.
  • According to the OS and printer series, you will get the driver series.
  • Hit the Download button which will download the corresponding drivers.
  • Without any problem, you can install the driver using the installer. The installer will complete all the necessary installing steps.
  • The one method available for Mac device is Apple Software Update. The Apple Software update will do the installation part.
  • You need to track the updates on the driver periodically. And, import the available updates on a regular basis.


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Wireless Setup

The completion of the wireless setup allows you to print from any wireless device. Both Windows and Mac can couple with the printer.The wireless network facilitates easy and quick printing. The wireless printing technology does not require any special software. So, wireless printing is the right choice for distant printing.

Wireless Setup for windows

The printer wireless setup involves the network establishment for sharing the files.

  • The common methods used for connecting the wireless network are as follows.
  • HP Wireless Connect, WPS, HP Wireless Setup Wizard, and USB setup of wireless.
  • Firstly, we can look into the steps for HP Auto Wireless Connect. The Auto Wireless Connect couples the device without any cable usage.
  • Filter the name and password of the network and standardize the devices. Keep the router and computer nearer.
  • By looking into the control panel of the printer, hit the Wireless button. Next, choose the network and type in the passphrase.
  • It will automatically connect the printer to the network successfully. If not, repeat the steps one more.
  • To choose the HP Auto Wireless Connect, you need to wait until the installation. During the installation, you can select that mode of connection.
  • When the HP Auto Wireless connection method fails, proceed with other connection methods.

Wireless Setup for Mac

The wireless setup of the printer is a cakewalk when you use the WPS method. The WPS method is possible for devices with a physical pushbutton.

  • WPS uses two modes for configuration. They are the pushbutton and PIN method.
  • Before moving to the connection process, make sure the following. The selected network should use WPA2 or WPA security code.
  • Press the pushbutton and wait for just two minutes.
  • Otherwise, you can use the HP Wireless Setup Wizard for network connection. You need to run that option from the control panel.
  • Then, you should have the password for the network. The Network option or Wireless icon is available on the control panel.
  • The Wireless Setup Wizard shows the list of wireless networks. Touch the network for which you have a password.
  • Now, put the password in the prompt box. Make sure that you are entering the password correctly.
  • To confirm the connection, print a Wireless Network Test report.

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Printer Services

The printer is a versatile device which can print, scan, copy, and fax. You need to choose the printer based on the features you care about.

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To use a scan on the printing

machine, the device should have a special plugin. Even in-built Scan option will help with the scanning process.

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Printer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for windows

  • All devices are there to make our life easier. It may create problems due to wear and tear.
  • Anytime, you can learn the steps for troubleshooting the printer. First of all, check if there are any error codes.
  • The error denotes the specific problem on the printer. So, you can use the code to find the exact problem.
  • The common errors are printer paper jam error, ink cartridge error, and more.
  • Straightaway start with rebooting the printer. Sometimes, it may fix the issue at a stretch.
  • Afterward, try jiggling the cables connected. And, see if it fixes the issue. To begin with, the printer troubleshooting for windows, uninstall the driver.
  • Once uninstalled, re-install the new updated driver. Or, try changing the cables used in the connection.
  • Install the Run and Scan Doctor for the computer and diagnose. It is the diagnosing tool for solving the connection issue.

Troubleshooting for Mac

  • Usually, errors come when the printer is not in the condition that it should be. The status of the printer denotes something went wrong.
  • To begin with, stop the programs that run on the Mac device. Afterward, reboot the Mac device and clear the print queue.
  • For solving Printer Spooler issues, go to the Run dialogue box and restart the spooler option.
  • If the problem is with ink cartridge or papers, check the respective slots.
  • Then, move on to the computer screen to find any error messages.
  • Accordingly, carry the steps given in the manufacturer’s site. Each printer problem needs a different approach.
  • So, carry those troubleshooting steps carefully. To clarify the steps, refer the printer troubleshooting for mac section.
  • Make sure the printer is able to communicate with the mac device. Uncheck the printer offline option.
  • Above all, you can try resetting the printer system and the Mac computer. The low ink content may also lead to the issue. Frequently, check the ink level.

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